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Sign language in its formal form goes back to the 5th Century BC. It was even acknowledged by Socrates. In today’s world, sign language has its own importance, most especially among the youth who go on to do social work or become teachers for the hearing impaired.

It’s predominantly youth and those under 35 that are involved in the active service of the disadvantaged. Interestingly, of the total number of social workers, approximately 83% are female.

Let us have a look at two very good online courses being offered for the learning of sign language.


Emergence and Evolution

The course has been developed by Georgetown University. The duration of the program is four weeks and will require that you put in an effort of three to five hours each week.

The course provides a foundation for the understanding of the relationship between how people use sign language, the methods used towards learning it, and how this form of languages differ.


Educating Deaf Children – Becoming an Empowered Teacher

This course comes from the University of Cape Town. This course is spread over four weeks shall require that you put in about 16 hours in all.

The course mainly delves into the academic, social and emotional aspects of sign language with reference to children who are hard of hearing. The course also provides subtitles in English.

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