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In addition to the funding they received from local business people, many of the universities in the West were established based on the money from the Church or the missionaries. Georgetown University in Washington D.C. is one such university.

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This university ranked among the top 100 in the world offers a fairly good range of free online courses. Let us have a look at some of these.

  • Sign Language Science – Factors Contributing to Natural Change: In the ancient times our ancestors did not have the luxury of formal languages to be able to communicate. Today we have over 5000 languages across the world. Learn about language change in the course with the use of historical data.
  • Sign Language Science – Factors Contributing to Natural Learning: Even though languages are well structured in our world today, a good 70 percent of the communication, according to psychological studies, happens via non verbal communication. This course takes you through how so many variable factors contribute towards language-learning patterns.
  • Global Business in Practice: The value of the global trade today is in excess of 20 trillion dollars. This looks like a fairly comprehensive course that takes you through the impact of globalization on global trade and how companies must prepare for it.

This link shall show you all the free online courses available through this university.

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