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Davidson College is one of the best known liberal arts colleges in the USA having students from all continents. For its undergraduate courses the colleague usually accepts one in five applicants.

Davidson College has been offering good free online courses which are in line with the demands of today.

Let us have a look at some of these.

  • Drug Discovery and Medicinal Chemistry: This is the process by which possible and probable new medications are discovered. This is usually done by identifying active ingredients. The course takes you through the methods used by scientists in drug development, testing of molecules and even gives you information on regulatory procedures.
  • Medicinal Chemistry – The Molecular Basis of Drug Discovery: Gone are the days when active ingredients were identified from natural products and isolated. Today pharmacists and chemists modify molecules and medications are designed. The course takes you through the processes and more.
  • Analysing and Visualizing Data with Power BI: This is a useful course.. BI is a business analytics service by Microsoft and helps with interactive visualizations and business intelligence for users to create reports and dashboards.

On this link you shall be able to see all the free online courses from Davidson College.

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