Free Online Courses at Harvard University

Harvard university which is a private university and at the same time nonprofit puts the phenomenally large donations and grants to good use including by offering free online courses. Thus far the endowments the university has received are in excess of 40 billion dollars.

Programs they offer

You will find courses right from information technology to theology, health care and a host of others.


What do the programs comprise of and whom are they for?

The courses are devised by their professors, technologists and experts in various fields and lead to a certificate being awarded. For example their course CS50’s on Introduction to Game Development teaches you the basics of game design and development . They have another course CS50 especially designed for lawyers and law students

Game Developer
Game Developer

Most of the courses are of a duration of 4 to 15 weeks and are, broadly speaking, self paced. At the same time you must be able to commit to yourself on the time you will put in. Visit their website here for information.


Whom are these courses for?

Some of these courses are designed for qualified  professionals who are already engaged in the respective industries and others that would be of interest to those who want to learn new skills or study just for the pleasure of it.

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