Four Websites You Must Visit If You Want To Learn New Skills

New school year, new you! Lifehack has concocted a list of websites that can teach you a set of new skills for free.


Warning: You may watch unlimited live broadcasts for free, but á la carte classes cost about US$100 to US$200 each!

When you enter CreativeLive you are asked “What do you want to learn?” You can choose between five categories: photo & video, art & design, music & audio, craft & maker and money & life. If you want to buy á la carte classes, you should know that there are over 600 choices. Every class has countless lessons and bonus reading materials.



Warning: Guide pricing ranges from free to US$200!

According to the website, offers “5% inspiration, 10% education, and 85% action. Definitely NOT for dummies,” it warns.

The guides are structured like a book and feature easy-to-navigate sections, discussion forums and interactive content on each page. They can be updated [ONLY by the author] at any time, which means the content never gets old. Furthermore, the website allows companies to develop mini-sites that replace existing how-to content or e-books.



The mission of this website is to get not only children, but also adults interested in coding and computer science. There are free coding lessons for beginners while those who want to learn more about topics such as JavaScript are offered the opportunity to explore curated collections of the best learning resources from partners including Kahn Academy and Grock Learning.



Highbrow was created to help people “learn something new every day in just five minutes a day.” Its courses range from art, health, history, literature and logic to nature, philosophy, productivity, psychology and science. This website emails you five-minute lessons every day for ten days and offers 54 free courses.

If you are willing to pay for courses or diplomas that attest your new skills, here is a collection of other websites that can help you become a better person or professional.

  • Cody –yoga, meditation and weight training
  • Udacity –helps people become mobile developers, web developers and data analysts
  • Lynda –online learning course in various domains
  • Treehouse –for coders
  • Drawspace –art education website

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