Four Odd Topics We All Went Through With Our Parents

We all know that parents need to impart a lot of wisdom to their teens - we have all been there and went through a teenage period. When we reach that part of our lives, we are not far off from going to college, getting a job, moving out of the house, starting our new life. But there will be topics that together parents and teens can explore together.

If you’re a parent, and you have teenagers, there are several odd topics you should bring up and explore together with your teenager.

Those are exactly the topics that your child will remember forever and, maybe, will write the article about it one day.

Our parents can get scared that they have missed something. Here are some important topics that will come up during these teenage years.



As soon as we all get closer to 16, our parents start mentioning driving and how dangerous it can be. It is very helpful that some high schools also offer driving school programmes, which can be very useful.

Even though parents usually teach us some driving techniques, take us to some back-streets where there’s no traffic or start young drivers out in deserted car parks, or take us out on the roads so that we can interact with traffic.

How to minimise the risk of driving at night, what is defensive driving, distracting driving risks are some of the main topics. But also not to talk on the phone whilst behind the wheel, defensive driving, and many others.

Getting this advice from your parents is pivotal to learning the first steps of driving responsibly and keeping other road users safe. This is a huge step in young people’s independence from their parents, so take all the advice you can get as it will take you a long way.


This is a huge topic, forever changing and evolving, especially when it comes to parents.

Some parents don’t want to talk to their teens about sex, and teenagers might not like to discuss it with their parents either.

But no matter how challenging this conversation can be, it is always better that parents bring it up at some point. It might be embarrassing but at the same time, very important.

It is recommended for parents to bring up subjects like safe sex practice: protection, condoms, and birth control pills.

Although this may seem difficult, it is beneficial to both parents and young people to understand the importance of safe sex.

Four Odd Topics We All Went Through With Our Parent
Time To Talk: Sitting down and discussing these challenging topics with your parents can have a positive impact on your future.

Drug and Alcohol Use

The most frequent question for parents is how to talk with the teens, about drugs and alcohol.

If they have had personal experiences that they would like to relate in this area, they might decide to do so. If they haven’t had direct experiences, parents can talk about statistics, like how many people overdose on heroin or opioids in the US every year.

Knowledge and openness will allow parents and teenagers to explore this topic both legally and safely, whilst understanding the dangers it can have on an individual as well as family life.



Parents will try their best to convince you to enroll in some university that will pay off in the future. Or, alternatively, persuade you to start a career course, such as an apprenticeship, if they feel this is the right path for you.

There will be some arguments and disagreements, but ultimately the decision on your future is up to you – parents may has advice, but following your own path will bring you more happiness and clarity than their decision.

There is something that can help you to make your decision in the meantime. All opportunities, internships, and scholarships can be found in Youth Time Magazine.

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