Four Career-Inspiring TV Shows to Binge Next

TV Shows can give you a great indication for what you can do as a career. Here are some inspiring shows for you watch.

Watching TV is a popular way to unwind. A lot of people consider TV-watching to be an unproductive way to spend time. 

However, cinematography is an art form to be appreciated and watching a great movie can inspire you. 

There are also some great TV shows that can motivate you career-wise. 

In fact, according to a 2017 survey, 39% of millennials say their careers were inspired by TV shows.


Grace and Frankie: Netflix

Grace and Frankie is the longest-running original TV show in Netflix’s history. With 94 episodes in total, Jane Fonda (age 80) and Lily Tomlin (age 82) take the world by storm in this amazing show. 

In the show, their characters, Grace and Frankie, had always been enemies until their husbands profess their love for one another and divorce them. 

Instead of wallowing, the two women team up and go into business together. 

Without giving away too many spoilers, the two ladies both have unique ideas that help elderly people live their best lives. The inventions aren’t just great for older women either. 

The show isn’t all about women. Their ex-husbands, Sol and Robert, finally get to be together after years of having a secret affair. 

Finally able to be themselves, they pursue their goals and dreams just like Grace and Frankie. 

The great thing about this show is that it is truly ageless. It goes out of its way to show that age is just a number. 

You can enjoy it if you are in your 80s or 20s. Plus, it’ll inspire you to be yourself and follow your dreams no matter what they are.


The Bold Type: Hulu

The protagonists of The Bold Type are a quarter of the age of Grace and Frankie. However, the two shows have a similar energy and go-getter attitude. 

The young women in the show are, as the name suggests, bold.

While Jane, Kat, and Sutton work together, they have different career paths and goals. 

Their boss, Jacqueline is in her late 50s if not older and she has been at the magazine for decades. 

Unlike the editor-in-chief of The Devil Wears Prada, Jacqueline lifts the younger women up and together they accomplish anything they put their minds to.

Hulu Streaming Site
Working On It: Hulu has a number of great shows to inspire you

This female-centric show tackles the topics of feminism, gender inequality, racial issues, and so much more. 

As the women navigate their crazy lives in New York City, they take bold chances. Some pay off, while others threaten to completely destroy their lives. 

Above all, this show highlights the importance of friendship and supporting other people on their journeys, whatever they may be.


Superstore: Hulu

Unlike the other shows on this list, Superstore doesn’t show a fancy job. Basically, the protagonists are regular employees at a store that can be compared to Walmart or Tesco. 

They stock shelves, clean up vomit, and do other less-than-glamorous tasks that most of us can relate to. 

Many people compare Superstore to The Office. It is humorous with an eclectic bunch of characters. However, if you look beyond the silliness, you will see more to the story. 

Superstore Cast
Superstore: The cast of the hit show set in a shopping centre

Amy has worked at the store for years and has shown consistently good work. 

Amy’s efforts are noticed and she goes from being a floor supervisor to store manager and eventually, Director of Customer Experience.

Most people will not be out inventing things or writing viral articles that break the internet. 

Superstore shows a fun rendition of a not-so-unrealistic life for many regular people. These people can have tough or uninteresting jobs, and they succeed because of their colleagues. 

It’s all about the little things: laughs, jokes and friendship make all the difference. Plus, hard work can take you far in life as long as you persevere.


Younger: Hulu

Younger is another show that explores age, especially when it comes to career women. Liza is in her 40s and has just gotten divorced. 

Her daughter is studying abroad in India and she needs to reinvent herself in order to pay the bills and have a fresh start.

Because of her age and the gap in her resume due to raising her daughter, no one wants to hire her. 

She is told that she is overqualified and frankly, too old, to be an assistant. However, she doesn’t have the necessary experience to get a higher ranking job. 

Her friend convinces her to pretend to be 26, which gets her a job at a publishing company that ironically caters to millennials.

Lying about her age becomes part of her daily life and struggle. Her boss, who is unknowingly the same age as her, berates her for being young. 

Her colleagues embrace her because they believe she is their age. 

The bottom line is that Liza is a hard-working woman willing to do anything to be given a chance. 

Her quick thinking, ability to learn, and of course, her brave chance-taking will change her life. This show will surely inspire you to take risks and reap the rewards. 

Since so many young people are finding career inspiration on their TV screens, it is important to consider the shows we watch. 

Grace and Frankie, The Bold Time, Superstore, and Younger are great examples of great TV that have an even greater purpose. 

All four of these shows will make you smile and maybe even inspire you to career-wise.

Inspiration can come from many different places. Here are some of the best streaming sites to get yourself away from Netflix.

Five Alternative Streaming Sites To Netflix

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