For Humor With French Movies – Weekend Tips

Perhaps just my imagination, nevertheless I have noticed over the last some years, that I haven´t had the opportunity to watch many comedies. The good ones when you roll with laughter all through and just admire the originality of the gags. And then recently I thought of a few French films.

Our Recommendations: French Movies for the Weekend

Weekend, you and french movies

Un peu, beaucoup, aveuglément (The Blind Date)
French are masters at situational humor. An example of which is The Blind Date.

A silence loving eccentric man living on the top floor of a Paris apartment gets disturbed the arrival of a new neighbour who is a pianist.

Since the two apartments are divided by a very thin wall makes them hear everything resulting in a great romantic comedy that follows.

Le Jeu (Nothing to hide)
Digital times bring troubles of a different kind. Really, how many of you would allow another person to see or hear all your incoming messages, emails or phone calls?

This in a nutshell is a plot of this film.

A group of long time friends meet over the dinner during the lunar eclipse.

Certain tension is already felt when they come up with the idea of keeping all their phones in the middle of the table and decide to share their personal messages and emails when chaos begins.

Original trailer without subtitles

Bad subtitles in the trailer but nonetheless subtitles.

Les Goûts et les couleurs (To Each Her Own)
Multiculturalism and also homosexuality are the topics the French are not afraid of.

Simone comes from an a practicing Jewish family, one of her brothers is the pride of the family, following all that the Jewish religion demands.

The other one is gay, living with his boyfriend and has been boycoted by the father.

Simone considers herself a lesbian and has been living with her girlfriend Claire for three years.

She was not able to come up of the closet and tell her parents.

How a Senegalese chef Walli managed to become a part of the love triangle is when the fun begins.

Unfortunately without Eng subtitles

Le Monde est à toi (The World Is Yours)
The World Is Yours is a different kind of an action movie.

François is involved the drug dealing business so that he can eventually support his own enterprise of a franchise.

Just before he is about to sign the contract, he finds out that his mother – a gambler, a thief and a kleptomaniac has spent all his savings.

With nothing left Francois is left with no alternative but do do that one last deal.

To this I would also add a series Call My Agent! about which we had written earlier. This is a series absolutely worth watching during these autumn evenings.

Photo: IMDB

Three Fabulous Series For Cozy Autumn Evenings

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