Food with High Vitamin C Content

Now that we are in winter, it is more important than ever to stay strong and healthy. In the next two articles we will focus on two important vitamins that, especially in winter, people too often lack.  The first of them is vitamin C. What to eat or drink in order to absorb the right quantity of this important vitamin?

Rosehip – according to the variety, the content of vitamin C varies from 500 – 2400 mg in 100g of the matter

Sea buckthorn200 – 600 mg in 100g

Black Currant148 – 258 mg in 100g

Parsley128 – 193 mg in 100 g

Paprika80 – 187 mg in 100g and it depends on variety or preparation

Horseradish105 – 136 mg in 100 g. On top of it, horseradish helps to clear up the lungs and is antiseptic too

Strawberries – about 60 mg in 100 g

Kiwi – about 90 mg in 100 g

Broccoli – about 90 mg in 100 g

Red Currant – about 80 mg in 100 g

Papaya – about 60 mg in 100 g

Citruses – about 50 mg in 100 g

According to the Mayo clinic the recommended dose of vitamin C for an adult woman is 75 mg, for adult man 90mg.

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