Flic: The Wireless Smart Button

We live in a transformative age when it comes to technology. The Internet of Things is multiplying at an alarming rate and we have more connected devices than ever before. For many of us who grew up using smartphones, it is hard to imagine our lives without them. They are connected to almost everything we do. However, the more heavily we rely on our smartphones the less in touch we become with reality. We want to be connected but we also want our technology to be seamlessly integrated in our lives.

There is an emerging collection of trends which both fuel and serve the need for more natural interactions with technology. User actions with devices and digital information are becoming more natural and intuitive. These inventions will change the human experience of using mobile devices. It will be less about staring into a rectangle, looking down and more about interacting with objects that we wear or keep around us.

About Flic

A great example of this is Flic, a new wireless smart button that offers quick, easy shortcuts for all of your devices. It shortens the time necessary for holding your phone. Flic seamlessly interacts with your smartphone, without you actually having to use it. You can program the button to be an alarm, take a selfie, play music or even order pizza.

After using the Flic app to program the devices, you can stick them anywhere you want. You can use it in your car or on your bike to help you navigate to your next appointment or call a taxi. It can even be used as a safety device. With the click of a button you can put out a distress signal or send your GPS location to family and friends.

Flic can also be integrated with your home automation tools. With just one click, you can turn your lights on, raise the room temperature or play a movie. It is simple to use and works right out of the box. The wireless button can be mapped to execute different actions based on three triggers – a press, double press and a long press. All you have to do is click the button, assign a function to it from the app and then stick it wherever you want it to go.

Founder Pranav Kosuri explains the simplicity of the button within the home for everyone to use:

“Since Flic´s functions can be predefined, it allows smart functions to be accessible to everyone. The first thing I will do with spare Flics is set them up in my grandmother’s house on the family photo so whenever she wants to get a hold of one of us she can simply push a button and a text message will send to that person to call her. Flic brings simplicity into the home by being a bridge between the smart functions and the physical world.”

Flic Design

The Flic is a button engineered with design in mind. It is tactile, soft, and weather resistant. It is sustainable. The battery lasts up to five years and it has amazing range and capacity. It’s sticky. The button comes with a re-useable double sided adhesive that can stick to any surface.

Flic was created by Swedish design team, Shortcut Labs. It was 801% funded on Indiegogo earlier this year. After two years of prototype development, the phone integration device will officially come to life in the global market this summer.


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