Five Movies Discovering True Essence Of Investigative Journalism


This week‘s movies all relate to the exciting and sometimes also dangerous field of investigative journalism. If you like to see important criminal acts – often political or corporate – get exposed, you will get some satisfaction from five movies that deal with uncovering scandals.

From the movie All the President’s Men

All the President’s Men 

Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman star as the two Washington Post reporters who, with patient work, investigated the the political scandal known as Watergate, and who directly caused the resignation of president Nixon.

Absence of Malice 

Reporter Megan Carter is tricked to write a false story asserting that Michael Gallagher has committed a crime. The truth brings lot of trouble for both of them.


A true story about revealing a massive scandal related to representatives of the local archdiocese who were involved in child abuse. Reporters from The Boston Globe investigated the case, which shook the entire Catholic world.

Dirty Wars 

Investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill is trying to uncover the hidden truth about America‘s secret wars and gets involved in unexpected situations.


The plot of the movie links to the controversial documentaries by two CBS journalists, Mary Mapes and Dan Rather, revealing sensitive information about President Bush avoiding the Vietnam War draft through his father´s political connections. The results are a surprise for all involved.

Photo: IMDB

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