Five Free Recourses to Make You a Better Writer

Writing can be hard and that is why software can be great to make you a better writer. Here are some best sites.

Good writing is an essential skill that can have a massive impact on your life professionally and socially. 

With so much of our daily communication in writing, good grammar, correct punctuation, and a varied vocabulary is valuable.

 Luckily, writing is an easy skill to improve, and I will share my favourite free resources with you.


Grammarly: the Ultimate Writing Assistant

Grammarly is a cloud-based writing assistant that I, as a full-time writer, use every day. This cross-platform tool has many features, several of them free. 

The free version can help you identify and fix your spelling, imperfect grammar, and mistakes in your punctuation. 

The paid version is even more comprehensive and gives you clues about the tone of your voice, detect plagiarism, and give other valuable suggestions. 

Plus, you can select the language you are checking for to help correct American or British spelling varieties and terms, for example. 


Capitalize My Title: Not Just for Titles

Title capitalization can be a little complicated, and doing it correctly can really distinguish one as a good writer. 

Capitalize My Title is a free website that lets you type or copy and paste your title, and it will automatically fix the capitalization. 

Despite the website’s name, it can also help correct capitalisation in different situations, even if you want every other letter to be capital and the rest lowercase. 

You can also select which writing style you prefer since they all have slight variations.

Common Errors Explained

While having your mistakes autocorrected is undeniably helpful, it can save you time and stress to learn about the common errors you make in your writing. Washington State University compiles a list of things that many people get wrong. 

For example, the difference between effect and affect.

Not only is this free resource excellent at explaining what is and isn’t correct, but it also helps us feel better about ourselves. 

These errors are here because most people are confused by them; it’s not just you! 


Think Written: Writing Prompts to Practice, Practice Practice

There is a reason why they say that practice makes perfect. Like anything else in life, you need to practice writing to get better. 

A fun way to get the creative juices flowing is by exploring writing prompts and writing for a few minutes every day. Think Written has a great selection of free writing prompts that can get you started!


Creative writing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it can help you become a better writer in general. We study algebra, geometry, and calculus in school to help us learn critical thinking, even if we don’t use it later on in life. 

Similarly, writing poetry or short stories can help us work and strengthen that writing muscle. 


Daily Writing Tips

Daily Writing Tips is a paid newsletter that sends you a newsletter with writing tips. 

Every day you will receive an email that will make you a better writer in just five minutes, and it only costs $2.45 a month. 

I included this not-so-free resource on this list because they have a free two-week trial, and their website has relevant blog posts.

You don’t have to subscribe to the newsletter to enjoy the tips, just set a reminder on your phone to check their website every day and read a new blog post. 

Daily Writing Tips will help you answer questions like:

  • Should you write Master’s degree or Masters Degree?
  • Between you and I or between you and me?
  • Can you use a preposition at the end of a sentence?
  • Should all introductory phrases be separated with a comma?

These free writing resources can help you become a stronger writer. Check them out and use them daily to gain valuable skills that can help you in the workplace and out. 

Plus, don’t forget that another way to write better is to read more. It doesn’t matter if you like fiction, Wikipedia articles, or magazine articles. 

Put in the time and be patient; you’ll be writing like a pro in no time!

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