Dream to Increase Your Productivity? 5 Useful Apps to Train Brain


Our brain is a muscle. So just like other muscles of the body, it requires training to develop. Would you like to increase the concentration and memory efficiency? Or perhaps your aim is to think more effectively? These 5 apps will help.


This game of quick wits contains 80 stages (50 on Android) of puzzles. The game consists in getting a door to open to allow you to go through to the next room. In order to solve the puzzles you have to act intuitively, for example by shaking or tilting your smartphone.



A beautifully designed game that challenges your brain and keeps all your neurons active. This app is perfectly suited to those times when you find yourself waiting around. It trains attention, concentration, long- and short-term memory and more.



This offers fresh take on training the grey matter of our brains. In this app you can choose which area you want to improve: language skills, problem solving, memory etc. Doing it for five minutes a day you’ll soon notice results.


Personal Zen

This game helps you to rid yourself of stress. Two characters – one calm and friendly, the other angry – both hide in the grass. The game calms you down and lessens anxiety. The app’s creators suggest using it right before a stressful situation but to get the best results it’s better to play it regularly for a minimum of 10 minutes a day.


Fit Brains Trainer

More than 360 unique games and puzzles – tasks directed at improving your psychological state and your brain’s fitness. This app is multilayer. It constantly challenges you and provides great training for the brain. You can track your success and for the best results the programme also offers tips and advice.


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