Five Amazing Gadgets You’ll Need This Summer

From film festivals to sports competitions - this summer brings many exciting experiences, and new gadgets are here to complement each one.  

Whether you want to relax with the best entertainment and music or record your favorite memories, these gadgets are the right choice for ideal holiday travel.

Moonshades Cork Sunglasses

Limited edition cork-composite eyewear designed to meet the needs of adventurous people. Fashionable and casual, yet designed for athletes: these frames can withstand an active and somewhat dangerous – dare we say extreme – lifestyle so you can concentrate on the journey ahead. These glasses are light, flexible, and made out of natural materials to give you an ergonomic fit without compromising your style. A handmade design together with the distinctive texture of cork gives these glasses an altogether classic appearance. The cork frames are simultaneously comfortable and durable because of their enhanced tensile strength. The manufacturer also offers a lifetime warranty on all their frames. These glasses are 45% lighter than their competitors, a factor which makes them a perfect piece of equipment to put your summer style on display without compromising your comfort.

The best noise-cancelling headphones 

It’s not until you’ve tried noise-cancelling headphones that you realize quite how disturbing and loud the background noise on a plane is.

For the absolute best sound quality on the market, look to Bose for its QuietComfort 25 over-ear headphones. The cushioning is sublime, the headphones fold up to a quarter of their size when you’re not using them, and they come with an adapter for three-pin plane outlets.

Dashbon Mask

Dashbon’s mask is a revolutionary, all-in-one, wearable device that combines a pair of HD virtual projection near-eye displays with high-fidelity audio headphones. Just plug the Mask into any smartphone with its included HDMI cable and GO! Stream your favorite TV programs, movies, video games, and more while you are on vacation. The mask gives you an unparalleled “big screen” viewing experience wherever you go. The mask can also work as a standard pair of headphones, lasts for 4 hours on a single charge, and easily recharges via micro USB connection.

The flat-pack lantern 

Particularly handy for campers or backpackers, this tiny device with a built-in battery opens out into a lantern on legs. The BioLite BaseLantern offers a selection of mood lighting and bonus points, and it can also charge your electronic devices.

Never lose your valuables again

For anyone who’s ever suffered the catastrophe of a lost passport, wallet, or keys – this gadget will change your life. The XY Smart Item Finder is a small plastic toggle which you can attach to any object you hold dear. It syncs up with your phone so that if you misplace the object, you can use your phone to trigger a beeping sound, or simply locate it using GPS. Better still, it has a setting which warns you via a phone alert if you have moved more than a certain distance from the object. Basically, it nudges you if you’re about to forget your keys on your way out.

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