Using Sound to Put Out a Fire (VIDEO)


Two engineering students created a new instrument for putting out fire. It is a type of fire extinguisher that can put out fire with sound alone.

When you tune sound waves to a bass note it can displace oxygen in a particular way that puts an end to the flames. The students behind this crazy idea are Seth Robertson and Viet Tran, who created a handheld device with the size of a traditional fire extinguisher.

As music notes go deeper, the amount of air required to produce them increases. This invention can actually prove to be very helpful because it does no harm to the environment, unlike your traditional fire extinguisher, and it doesn’t require the use of any chemicals, foam or water.

Of course, the two boys will need to test their device with more challenging types of fire in order to be sure that it won’t fail when needed or that the flames that have been put out won’t reignite. But if all goes well with it, people can maybe use it in the future to extinguish big fires.

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