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Given we are at a time when Bohemian Rhapsody has been released, it would have been an obvious example of a recommended movie in our tips for this week. However, Freddie Mercury was not your usual performer and Queen made some extraordinary music. The film though managed to slay and bury both these aspects outstandingly. What was to be a celebration of one extraordinary journey turned out to be a rather embarrassing tribute without any resemblance to the main protagonist. So Bohemian Rhapsody does not figure in our weekly tips which we are here.

Walk The Line
Now here’s one superbly made film about the brilliant country singer Johnny Cash who had to live with the put downs he had to face from his father and who eventually gained international fame and whose music is popular to this day. Joaquin Phoenix has done justice to the role.

Another great film from the maker of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, Milos Forman. This film about the life of Mozart is absolutely worth watching.

At a time when the African Americans were going through the worst of discrimination, this is the story of Ray Charles who went on to become one of the greatest musicians ever. A must watch.

Searching For Sugar Man
Another legendary singer of African American origin has been portrayed in this film. Interestingly he became much more famous in South Africa than in the U.S. A documentary positively worth watching.

The Doors
Here’s another film worth a watch about the fantastic Jim Morrison and his band The Doors.

Photo: IMDB

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