Few Tips on How to Get Millennials Reading Your Blog

Blogging is a fact of life for many young people today. It is often used as a tool for communities, especially minorities, to have their voice heard. Young people are major consumers of blogs, but at the same time many of them have blogs of their own. Considering the fact that this method of expressing yourself and putting your views and ideas out there has recorded major successes, it does not come as a surprise that blogging is now often used for marketing purposes. So if you are considering starting a blog, here are a few tips and tricks from the master of the blog game Jeff Bullas on how to attract Millennials, as they are the largest demographic in the world today and also the biggest blog content consumers.

Section your posts

Despite the fact that it seems obvious and logical that you can write a blog for a wider audience, blogging has proven to be a lot more effective if you have a really specific and narrow target group. So targeting all Millennials that are aged 27 may be a bit too broad, since being the same age in today’s world does not mean you share priorities with all those other people who were born the in same year. Try and be as specific as you can – writing a blog for young people who enjoy hiking in Europe during the summer, for example.

Raise your voice

Creating blank content on your blog will really be completely pointless. Everything you publish should be relevant to you and possibly to your target audience. In any case, your content needs to be important to people your own age, to people living in your community, and to people who share the same cultural interests.

Get practical

We have all seen those tutorial blog posts on how to braid hair or how to get stains off clothes by using household items, etc. They may sound a bit cheesy, but let’s be honest: who has not opened at least one of those blogs? People value practical solutions for their everyday issues. Your blog could benefit greatly if you choose to publish such solutions.

Get an emotional reaction

Millennials are notorious for following their emotions. They need content that will trigger an emotion regardless of which emotion – if you make them happy, sad, or angry they are very likely to share your content and make it go viral.

Keep it short

This generation is also known for its lack of patience, so if you have something to say, make sure you say it in the fewest words you possibly can. Living in the 21st century means you are living at warp speed, and you really do not have the time to read endless content on a blog.

Go for the visual

Don’t be afraid to introduce multimedia content to your blog. Millennials are a highly visual generation, and they will appreciate videos on your blog. Creating a short video today is not such a hard thing to do, and it could benefit your blog immensely.

Social media!

There is one universal truth about Millennials, and that is their connection to social media. If you link your blog to your social media account there is a big chance people will latch on to it.

#blog #blogger #instablog

You get the point? Start using hashtags as a tool to get new readers, but also create your own hashtags that can be linked to your blog or just a campaign you are promoting on your blog. It will make your content relevant, and it will keep it fun for everyone

Inspire their creativity

This one is especially for those who want to do blogs for marketing. Keep your content fun and creative – use memes, art installations, and quests. Your readers will want to participate in interactive projects even if they are just photo challenges on Instagram.

Give them a good deal

Most Millennials appreciate a good deal – weather is a discount coupon or a giveaway treat. Try to link your blog to pages that offer these deals, or set up your own giveaway contests as soon as you can in order to give back to the community that is supporting you.

Give them a glimpse into a fairytale

Show the Millennials a taste of the good life. Give them something to aspire to, show them your happiness, and they will be happy to enjoy it with you while creating their own fairytale ending in their heads. Millennials are dreamers, and you can spark their imagination and spice up their dreams.

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