Few Tips on How to Ensure Your Application to the Summer School in Shanghai Gets the Green Light

Writing an application can be tedious and it’s important to understand that those which stand out to some organizations, may end up on the rejected pile with others. When it comes to applying for Youth Time events, participants who demonstrate that they have researched the organization and the topics at the International Summer School tend to be successful. Showing passion for the overall theme of the event and knowledge of Youth Time’s mission and philosophy will hold any candidate in good stead. In addition to educating and empowering young leaders, it is also worth remembering that one of Youth Time’s core values is to encourage its members and participants to generate positive social impact within their communities. Below, you will find a few tips on how to ensure your application to the International Summer School in Shanghai gets the green light!

Get to the point

Don’t dance around the reasons behind your motivation for applying to join us at the event. State clearly the reasons behind your decision to apply for the International Summer School and be sure to make your application stand out as the team receives hundreds of applications.

We are looking for individuals who embody the same drive and spirit which has been present at every Youth Time event in the past.


Awareness is key

Demonstrate your awareness on social issues around the world related to the theme of the event and express how you feel the problems could be solved. Youth Time are looking out for young social leaders who not only want to contribute positive social impact but that show a desire to transfer awareness upon others.

Stay authentic

Don’t try to portray yourself as somebody you are not. Using buzz words, corny lines or too many business terminologies and abbreviations comes across as inauthentic.

Be yourself or anything else will come across as contrived and after reading through hundreds of applications, it becomes very easy to spot. Know that Youth Time are looking for intelligent, creative minds who have a strong sense of social responsibility.

Furthermore, Youth Time welcomes all types of people from different countries, backgrounds, religions etc. In fact, part of what makes our events so special is the celebration of diversity.


Humility is a virtue

Use your application to describe the motivation behind applying for the event instead of trying to convince us why you are qualified. Further, while there is no shame in being proud of your achievements, there is no need to repeat what we may already read on your CV.

For those who get declined for participation, be gracious, as there is still a chance you will get a call later or may participate in future events.


Why so serious?

Youth Time looks for mature candidates who demonstrate a serious interest in the theme and topics of the event, but we also highly appreciate creativity and a good sense of humor.

Your application should not only exhibit your suitability to the event program but also your vibrant and congenial personality which will help you to integrate and work well with fellow participants.


Quality not quantity

Before submitting your application, ensure that you have double-checked not only the terms and conditions regarding the application procedure but also the details of your application itself.

The quality of your submission, in terms of standard of English, spelling, grammar, and presentation are all taken into account when considering you as a participant for the International Summer School.


Don’t delay!

Due to the high-quality of our events, we always receive a large volume of applications. If you want to ensure your place at the event, please submit your application as soon as possible.

Youth Time always aims for diversity when it comes to its participants at the events. Therefore, we try to select a certain number of individuals from each region in order to have worldwide representation.

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