Festivals Around The World – December 2019

As we approached December and the peak of the winter in the northern hemisphere, below we give you the festivals around the world during the month of December, some of them in places that are still warm.

Date: December 12 to 16
Venue: Pataya, Thailand
Type of Festival: Art, Music and Food
Tickets: Starting at US$ 165 Equivalent
Official website

Magnetic Fields
Date: December 13 to 15
Venue: Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan, India
Type of Festival: Music, Dance, Food and Light Shows
Tickets: Starting at 56 $ Equivalent
Official website

Mareh Music
Date: December 26
Venue: Praia do Saco, Brazil
Type of Festival: Music
Tickets: Starting at US$ 30
Official website

Rhythms and Vines
Date: December 28 to 31
Venue: Waiohika Estate, East Coast of New Zealand
Type of Festival: Music
Tickets: Starting at NZ $ 133
Official website

Date: December 27 to January 7
Venue: Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam
Type of Festival: Music, Dance and Food
Tickets: Starting at 260 Euros
Official website

Photo: Shutterstock

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