Female Leads Movies

Women mostly play second fiddle in the movies that we see. Here is a list of films for your watching pleasure that exemplifies women and have women playing the lead role. Each one of them from very good to excellent.

20th Century Women 

This absorbing film, starring Annette Benning and others is a drama which explores relationships, the moving parts in relationships and makes us look into the aspect how a complicated communication and approach rather be simple. 

Battle of the Sexes 

The movie, based on a true story, as the title says, is about the battle of the sexes. A good comedy that eptomizes woman in the end. Emma Stone and Steve Carell have both done a great job. Steve carell plays the male chauvinistic pig.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri 

Frances Mcdormand plays the angry woman. The film is about justified anger and anger management and once again the difference in the perception of the sexes. A very good watch.

Please Stand By 

This fairly acclaimed movie is about Wendy an autistic who although sees things differently compared with the average person, doesn’t want to be limited. This young woman with great spunk takes on life and leaves home to explore winning a writing competition. The long road trip she takes on is what makes the journey more important than the destination. Dakota Fanning has more than done justice to the role of Wendy.

Nothing But The Truth 

This thriller about an idealistic and a strong reporter Rachel Armstrong, played by Kate Beckinsale is a film that holds your attention all throuhout. Rachel Armstrong refuses the reveal the identity of her source relating to her story about a CIA spy. She withstands the pressure from the government and in particular the prosecutor and gets pulled all the way to the supreme court. Certainly worth watching.

Photo: IMDB

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