February in the Garden

The end of winter is finally approaching and thus begins a month of preparations for the upcoming spring. So what are the tasks for this time of the year.

  1. If you do not have a heated green house, it is just about time to clean it and organise for the seasson.

    Organize and fertilise the greenhouse for the new seasson / Photo: Shutterstock
  2. It’s the same for the implements. Clean them and keep them ready.

    Checking and repairing garden tools / Photo: Shutterstock
  3. It’s time for the planting of the first batch of seeds. Ideally in the green house. You can begin with vegetables such as salads or radishes.

    Early outdoor crops / Photo: Shutterstock
  4. At home it is time to begin preparing the seeds to grow seedlings. It takes them about three weeks to take root and germinate. Initially, what you will see are what are called the 2 fake leaves. The two ‘real’ ones come shortly after which tells you if the plant has taken off or not. Seeds for tomatoes, eggplant, even cucumber and for flowers such as petunia can be begun with for later replanting outdoors.

    Plant seeds indoors / Photo: Martina Advaney
  5. Check the situation with the compost and if necessary water it a little. To speed up the process you can also add Nitrolime. We wrote about it in our last article – January in the Garden that it works for disinfecting and as a fertilizer. Nitrolime is added to wet compost to hasten the process.

    Checking the compost / Photo: Shutterstock
  6. Replanting of indoor plants can also take place now, specially if they are obviously suffering. Bad dry leaves, fungus on the soil or other problems must be dealt with. New soil with fertilizer will do them good.
    Replant indoor plants / Photo: Martina Advaney

    Photos: Martina Advaney / Shutterstock

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