Fashionable Wearables


Wearables are all the rage these days and are revolutionizing the ways that we connect with technology. We no longer crave big, bulky, intrusive devices that disrupt our everyday lives, but technology that is seamlessly integrated into them. In an effort to feed our ever-intensifying addiction to digital information and live in the present moment, consumers are demanding new, more natural forms of interacting with technology.

Wearables are impacting the ways in which we live, work and socialize. From Fitbit to Google Glass, devices are becoming smaller, smarter and more powerful. Technology is no longer just for our desks and pockets. It is now subtly displayed on our bodies and will one day even be merged with them. In the coming years, wearable technology will be used to help record the world around us, control our environment and communicate information between one another.

As the functionality of wearables increases, so will the fashionability. We already see a number of fashion-forward wearables coming to the scene. These smart devices go a step beyond the standard wristbands appealing to a new generation of tech-savvy fashionistas.


A great example of this is Ringly a ring that lets you stay connected in style. Ringly connects to your smart phone and sends you customized notifications through vibration and light. It allows you to live freely while staying connected to the things and people that matter the most. Ringly can notify you when your boyfriend calls, about your next appointment or when your Uber car arrives. You can set your preferences via the accompanying iPhone or Android app. But it isn’t just a smart piece of jewelry, it also looks good. The assortment of semi-precious gems set into the gold-plated brass hide the ring’s compact technology making it one of the chicest wearables on the market.


Wearable technology is adding new layers to our personal relationships by extending the reach and power of how we communicate and share details about ourselves regardless of distance. They provide a continuous link between people, simulating closeness and changing the way we understand one another.

Design studio Lunar Agency has created a wearable jewelry concept that connects nearby people who have shared interests, called Wizz. The pendants gather information from your entire social network and use that to figure out whom you might like. It uses this information to send you an alert when there is someone with the same interests in the area around you, adding a tangible element to personal relationships. 



Cuff is a line of wearable jewelry line that has many functions. Similar to Ringly, it can send you a notification when someone needs to reach you. It can also help in an emergency. If you find yourself in trouble you can press a button on your cuff. It will send a notification out to your friend’s and family, providing them with your location. Then, they can coordinate with others to give you the help you need. Finally, Cuff can monitor your movement and help you track your fitness goals. Cuff fits into a wide range of jewelry that you can mix and match depending on your outfit.

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