Fall in Love with Trip Hop Songstress, Sevdaliza!

What Is an obsession? It can be an impulsive state in which you crave for something like a vampire craves for the ruby redness of blood. With musical obsessions, it may not be as intense but a very close second. There are some artists that dive into conversations and periods of life surrounded by rigorous emotional accents in the name of song. Through the world of experimental music, Sevdaliza is a beacon or the lighthouse on this troubled sea. Yes, reader, I have found my new musical obsession. 

The Trip Hop Queen!

Born in Tehran, Iran the songstress of Russian, Persian and Azerbaijani descent, singer “Sevdaliza” and her family moved to the Netherlands at the age of 5. At just the age of 16, her athletic skills awarded her a basketball scholarship, thus playing on the Dutch national basketball team. Graduating university with a masters in communications, the love for music trickled its way in and out of her life. Singles such as “Beatseat Love’‘, “Clear Air” and “Sirens of the Caspian” were birthed in 2014. Through substantial influences of electronic, experimental pop and alternative rhythm and blues, “Sevdaliza” music collectively centers around a trip hop atmosphere. Similar to the Icelandic singer songwriter, “Bjork”, the singer vocally melts phrases and musical interpretation into an experimental Mecca of sound.  The songstress reflected around the social dynamics and perceptions of herself through various eyes, which further formed a solid theme for her first EP. That following year, her EP “The Suspended Kid” produced successful reviews, a project she worked on for over a year. Through the midst of her musical success, the artist approached her second EP with a single “Marilyn Monroe” released in 2016.

“Marilyn Monroe” Now!


The song depicted or created a prominent sound of Trip Hop. Trip Hop is a genre that came to be in the 1990s. Formed in the United Kingdom, and prominently in Bristol, the genre grew to reach national audiences. With a heavy mixture of electronics and hip hop, the genre also incorporates the various essences of dub, psychedelia and rhythm & blues. Following her second EP, “Children of Silk” the trip hop unique sound issues a short film titled “The Formula” which centered around the subject of miscarriages and it’s multiple mental and physical effects. Three songs were created specifically for the film.

In January 2017, “Sevdaliza” released her first Persian Language song “Bebin” responding to the Executive Order 13769, which was politically labeled as a Muslim Ban by the United States. Sung in Farsi, the song proclaims a strong stand for love and acceptance. Her activism through the avenue of song, sparked songs such as “Amandine Insensible” discussing the limited roles and expectations put forth on women in modern culture.

Listen to “Amandine Insensible” Now!


“Sevdaliza” has performed at many places around the world including, Oslo, Prague and Berlin! Her recent studio album “Shabang” released August 28th 2020 and let me tell you reader, it is one to remember!


From Human to Angel

I am a sucker for all thing’s experimental music. Through the abstract interpretation of musical proportion, music can go into realms many have never realized. Music is based around the collection of sounds placed in a factorial system. Its ability to transcend through people’s mind and emotion, is a powerful ability. In the track “Human”, from the album “Shabrang” the songstress bellows into the idea of human form and its capabilities. I love this track specifically, because it has a resemblance of “James Blake” another experimental musical artist. There is simplicity along with lyrical pronunciation that blends into the rhythmic form of the sound. The video is also mind blowing. Through her beautiful long hair, paired with poetic dancing and incredible symbolism, this alteration of profound messaging and sounds, is one of my favorites of this artist.

Listen to “Human” by Sevdaliza Now! 

“My house is black. Filled with watered roses. In darkness I reside. Where thoughts can’t cope to mark their growth.”  In the track “When I reside” you fall into this fantasy world of emotional illusion and contentment through a “Wizard of Oz” style universe. This emotional portrayal begins to grow into a kingdom or a narnia of various feelings as the track grows longer. The song took me on a journey through this idea of emotional turmoil paired with emotional stillness.

Listen to “When I reside” Now!

Within the debut album “ISON” based on the Comet ISON, there is this play on mortality and existence. Through a counter perspective, I made a correlation between the track “Human” and “Angel”. “It shouldn’t hurt this much to be your angel”. An angel shows guidance through a non-human form. An angel depicts a higher being and a warrior of all thing’s kind and faithful. I believe that the project plays with the idea of needing and longing. What is our true purpose of life, and connections with one another? The phrase travels along the valley of the track, accompanied by a beautiful angelic piano as the voice fits into every crack on the pavement of questioning.

Listen to “Angel” Now!

Sevdaliza is a game changer lie no other. As she captivates the emotional side of many, her messages stand clear. Through her kinetic and sonic energy amidst the world of musical interpretation, Sevdaliza can capture your ears in a magical spell of cinematic and electronic synergy. Her grasp on music is so defined and so unique, that it is unlike any other. What stands out most to me about this artist is her ability to create monumental lyrics that is filtered through simplistic word play through an experimental atmosphere that constantly shifts surrounding a classical nature. The musical language she creates will surely expand through the dawn of time. Listener, I am obsessed. I am sure once you begin your journey through Sevdaliza’s music, you will too.

Photo: Shutterstock / Photomontage: Martina Advaney

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