Facebook Developer Circles Educational Tutorial Creation Prize

Developers from around the world are invited to join Facebook Developer Circles contest and create video tutorials explaining such technologies as Hack, React, React Native and more in English or a local language. Winners will receive cash prizes of up to $10,000. The deadline is on 26 October 2020.

Facebook Developer Circles are a global network of local communities, designed to support developers as they build skills, grow ideas and boost their careers. For this year’s Community Challenge, Facebook invites you to put your own innovative spin on developer education by creating written tutorials that showcase the capabilities of Facebook technologies.

Winners will take home cash prizes that range from $1,500 to $10,000 and will have their written tutorials credited and shared amongst millions of developers and creators across the Facebook ecosystem. Every participant will receive special access to online education experiences with technology experts. You’ll be creating a step-by-step written tutorial that demonstrates one or more features of any of the following technologies: Hack, React, React Native, PyTorch, Docusaurus, Spark AR, Wit.ai, Messenger Platform. In your tutorial, use Open Source sample code from your newly built solution or use a solution that you’ve built in the past. If you are using an existing solution, be sure it works with the latest version of the products being used.

The deadline is on 26 October 2020.


Main criteria

To be eligible, all entries must be submitted in the English language and local if entering a local language category.

Written tutorial on GitHub (max 4000 words): The written portion of the tutorial must include citations wherever necessary (e.g. code inspiration). Tutorials and provided code must be Open Source and hosted on a publicly accessible GitHub repository.

Sampled Software on GitHub: A link to the publicly available Open Source software code that was used as a basis of the tutorial.

Walkthrough Video (hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, or Youku): Your video should be 2 minutes long and serve as a walkthrough of your tutorial.

MIT license: Include MIT Open Source licensing in your GitHub repository.

Find out more about Facebook Developer Circles Educational Prize.

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