Extraordinary Gastronomy – Unusual Food Items In The Kitchen


 When it comes to meals, the variability of dishes from cuisines around the world has just no end. And we are not talking here simply about meals like fish and chips or spaghetti. Quite understandably, the diversity of ingredients in use varies from place to place; nevertheless, there are countries in this world where the fundamental components of food preparation are rather extreme. For foreigners, extreme, of course. Would you bite into these?

Japanese Shiroko – fish milt served in various forms

As delicious as they might be – chicken feet popular in many Asian countries are not for everybody.

And with that comes crickets and worms

Blood is used in cooking in many countries, mostly in a form of soup – cooked or raw

Another delicacy are snakes

Or would you prefer soup made from ants eggs? Tom Kati Kai Mod Daeng

In case you don’t have arachnophobia, you may fancy fried spiders…

…alternatively grasshoppers – source of protein is guaranteed in both of these options

Cuy chactado is a food from Peru which is baked guinea pig

Balut is not a food for weak stomachs – after all it is an egg boiled with an early stage of a embryo inside. Here you see a duck embryo

Huitlacoche corn mushroom is a corn consumed with a form of a fungus on it

Photos: Shutterstock

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