Explore The Unspoilt Beauty of Romania Via The Danube Delta

In this next article from our travels by waterway series, we explore the delta in Romania, and the wonderful attractions surrounding.

An extremely underrated country in terms of tourism, Romania has an abundance of astonishing nature and a huge, varied landscape. It is one of the most bio geographically diverse countries in the world with snow capped mountains, sandy beaches, forests, vineyards, rolling hills and the Danube Delta. 

Tucked away in the eastern side of Romania, The Danube Delta is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a Biosphere Reserve. Most of the delta is within Romania and a small part in Ukraine.

Try visualizing a paradise— you’ll find it all here. This delta is where wildlife runs rampant. There are more than 300 species of birds with the largest colonies in all of Europe!


Tuscia to Periprava Via Chilia Veche

Commence your journey from this ancient city that goes back to the times of the Greeks and the Romans. With a population of just over 70,000 is not only age-old, it’s also an inland port and a centre for fishing and tourism. It is located on the St. George arm of the Danube and remains an important food processing centre. You can get yourself a temporary fishing permit, rent or buy a tackle and enjoy this city before starting out.

On the way to Chilia Veche you will see many fishing villages. If you’ve hired a boat for yourself, you can stop for your meals on the banks of these villages, and take in the atmosphere before you reach the commune of Chilia Veche which goes back to the 13th century. 

On the way to Periprava make a stop at Lake Rosca, where you’ll see the largest number of white pelicans in Europe and also geese, storks and egrets.

Your last stop is going to be Periprava where you will want to head for the Latea Reserve which has a wide variety of trees which are centuries old. The forest gives you a feeling of being in the tropics and on a lucky day you will see foxes, falcons, eagles and even wild horses. 

The tour companies will complete the journey over two days and one night. If you’ve rented a small boat you’ll want to take a good 5 to 7 days to soak in the atmosphere.


Tulcea to Crisan Via Sulina

This length is just a little over 60 kilometers and the atmosphere is no less beautiful than the route to Periprava. On the way is Lake Fortuna which also has white pelicans in large numbers, swans, wild ducks and hens. 

Make a stop at the commune of Crisan and explore the village there, as well as Caraoman and Mila 23. Mingle with the locals. Enjoy the delicacies and fresh seafood!

Your last stop will be Sulina, a town that goes back more than a thousand years. There’s a wonderful beach there, too.


Tulcea to Sfantu Gheorghe 

This arm of the Delta is a little over 100 kilometers. On this route as well you will see many historic sites and quaint ancient villages that also go back to the time of the Romans. Of the many sights in Sfantu Gheorghe that should be on your list are the Museum of natural history, Museum of Eastern Carpathians and Elizabeth Park. 

One special mention, Beluga Caviar is mostly associated with Russia and Iran but this Black Sea area of Romania too offers you the same caviar and the locals are quite proud of it and all the other seafood delicacies.

Vegetation, fauna, flora, heritage and the most hospitable, friendly people are the main features when you sail on the Danube Delta to lose yourself in time.


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