Experience The Contrasting University Cities Of Marseille And Avignon

One is a city that never sleeps and the other a city of architectural beauty. Marseille and Avignon are both rooted in history. A visit to both or any of these two cities is never disappointing. Let us through pictures take you through a tour.

Marseille cathedral
Palais Longchamp in Marseille
Porte Royale – triumphal arch in Marseille
Marseille with the cycling stadium
Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations at Marseille
People on the Prophet beach in Marseille
Pont Saint Benezet bridge in Avignon
Pope palace in Avignon
Avignon´s summer theatre festival
Musée Du Petit Palais in Avignon
The Opéra d’Avignon
An old Roman aqueduc Pont du Gard near Avignon

More about Marseille and Avignon read here.

Photos: Shutterstock


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