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The world we live in is more international than ever, giving people the ability to live and work anywhere they want. A report from 2016 stated that there are roughly 50.5 million expats worldwide. At the time of the report, there was a compound annual growth rate of 2.4 percent! Who are all these expats? 73.6% of them are individual workers while the rest are students, retirees and corporate transferees. Despite the boost in the popularity of the expatriate lifestyle, not all countries are easy to move to. Others, on the other hand, make it as simple as possible for people to come and create a home for themselves.

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Foreigners from all over the world are drawn to Vietnam. The delicious food, travel opportunities, low cost of living, and welcoming locals are all reasons why people pick Vietnam.

The most common expats you see here are English teachers, embassy staff, multinational executives, entrepreneurs, retirees as well as digital nomads.

There are great international communities in all the major cities including Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City.

Expats in Vietnam
Warm people great food and phenomenal beauty Vietnam is worth exploring

It is possible to apply for a visa through any Vietnamese embassy, however, it can be cheaper and just as reliable to use a local visa agent.

Most visas are short term and single-entry, however longer visas can be obtained. Even some of the long-term visas require visa runs – this means that you need to leave and re-enter the country.

Citizens from most countries are eligible for tourist visas that are valid for up to three months. Business visas, on the other hand, are available to citizens for all Western countries and can range for periods from one month to one year.



Expats in China
China has a lot to offer for those who endure the immigration process

Even though China is a tougher country to immigrate to, there are many perks for those who succeed. Chinese schools are always looking for more teachers and they don’t require a lot of teaching experience so it’s a great place to get started as long as you are a native English speaker.

Foreigners in China are known to get competitive salaries while at the same time enjoying a low-cost lifestyle. Some of the perks that Chinese companies offer foreign employees involve financial visa-help, stipends to travel home for Christmas, and plentiful vacation days.

They are also usually happy to help to assimilate to the customs, laws and regulation.



Far different experience is Georgia placed between Europe and Asia will be the choice for many expats to live in
Far different experience is Georgia placed between Europe and Asia will be the choice for many expats to live in

Georgia is one of the crossroads between Europe and Asia, which makes it a unique place to live in. It also happens to offer a low cost of living by European standards. It boasts amazing architecture, delicious local cuisine and a diverse history. In addition to all this, it also makes it really easy for foreigners to not only live there but also set up businesses. Other visas for Georgia include a diplomatic visa, special visa, ordinary visa, immigration visa and transit visa. What makes Georgia so easy to move to is that the ordinary visa allows freelancers and scientists to move there.

Most expats who move to Georgia chose to settle in it’s three biggest cities – Tbilisi, Kutaisi, and Butami. Even the capital, Tbilisi, is super affordable. A 1-bedroom in the center costs around €230-€430 per month and the other two cities are even cheaper. Keep in mind that local jobs will also pay less, but it is still a great city to live a comfortable life as an expat. Finally, if you love Georgia, it is incredibly easy to stay there forever and even to buy property as a foreigner.



In the waters of the Dead Sea in Israel
In the waters of the Dead Sea in Israel

A popular destination for expats from all corners of the world, Israel has an incredibly diverse culture. The population of Israel itself is diverse, as 80% of Jews from all over the world live in the country.

There is even a law that anyone who is Jewish has a right to Israeli citizenship.

A majority of the non-Jewish people living in Israel are Aab but there are also expats from everywhere imaginable.

Other perks of living in Israel is that English is widely spoken and new immigrants are exempt from making health insurance payments during their first year living there.

People are drawn to Israel because it is a wealthy country and offers high standards of living.

That being said, it requires a good salary to enjoy this lifestyle. Tel Aviv, in fact, is one of the most expensive cities in the Middle East and the 24th most expensive in the world.

The country’s strong economy makes it possible for good jobs to be available for the right candidates. However, strong academic backgrounds, professional training, good language skills and often, a knowledge of Hebrew, are mandatory to land a good job.



Temperamental people and fun place to settle in is Paname
Temperamental people and fun place to settle in is Paname

Boasting one of the most open immigration policies in Latin America, Panama has become a popular place for expats to settle in. On arrival, passport holders from over 50 countries can receive a 180-day tourist visa that can be renewed by crossing the border.

It offers amazing, fresh produce that is turned into delicious affordable meals. The climate and lifestyle are often compared to California, but can be achievable for under $1,000 a month.

Also, Panamanians are some of the world’s happiest people, ranking 6th on the Happy Planet Index!

Life in Panama is described as easy, breazy and fun. Provinces such as Los Santos or Herrera have miles of coastline, great medical facilities and even homes costing as little as $60,000 for purchase!

Not only is life in Panama affordable, comfortable to live in, you can experience low-cost yet world class health care here.

Their amazing doctors and hospitals even bring medical tourists coming for procedures that are cheaper than they are back home.

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