Exciting Innovations In Fashion x Technology


There are a number of exciting new innovations that bridge the gap between fashion and technology. From online brands creating innovative pop-ups in non traditional spaces to apps that make it easier for us to find the looks we love, our fashion future lies in the hands of brands that are thinking outside the box.


Try on Clothes With Your Phone Like Photo Filters 

Pictofit is an app that lets shoppers try on clothes by simply using their phones. The app which works for both Apple and Android devices uses a photo of the user as a base and places the clothing on top of it like a digital paper doll. It enables users to essentially try on clothes before they choose to buy them. Similar to a social network, the app also lets you send your favorite looks to your friends.

Design a Fashionable Wearable with TopShop

Popular British fashion brand Topshop is challenging tech entrepreneurs to develop fashionable and functional wearables. The company has recently launched an innovation program called Top Pitch in which entrepreneurs and startups from around the world can apply to attend a month long bootcamp. At the end of the program, participants will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to TopShop and an investment firm to bring their product to market.

Snap a Photo and Donate to Charity

Gone for Good is an app based in the UK which makes donating to charity super easy. All you have to do is snap of photo of the item you’re giving away and answer a few questions about it. Users are then matched with the best charity to match the donation and are contacted to schedule a pick-up. The app also tracks the donation to make sure that the charity actually receives it.

Visit this Brand’s Pop-Up Changing Room

Sometimes buying clothing online can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to sizing, especially when it comes to shopping for lingerie and intimate items. This brand is taking away all of the guess work by creating a mobile changing room for its customers. True&Co recently unveiled it Try on Truck to take its online products to the streets. The pop-up allows shoppers to book an appointment and are notified when the truck will be in their area.

Shop for Streetwear in a Subway Station Toilet

London Streetwear brand 24HourClub has created a pop-up shop in a subway station toilet. A toilet and shower room at Old Street’s tube station has been converted into the 24 Hour Ejder Club. The space was developed with the help of Appear Here, and is an underground store for an underground brand. It’s meant to test the boundaries between e-commerce and the physical retail store. With the concept store, the online brand can create a unique and personal experience for its customers.

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