European Youth Award on SDG Goals

The conference is looking for digital projects that have strong impact on society in one of the nine eligible categories:

  1. Fostering Health
  2. Smart Learning
  3. Connecting Cultures
  4. Planet Friendly
  5. Active Citizenship
  6. Sustainable Economics
  7. Managing Life
  8. Open Innovation
  9. Future Europe

Participants will present their innovative projects, receive feedback and further development suggestions from experts, as well as learn from invited guests and speakers. Travel costs will be covered with a lump sum on the basis of an average travel for one person from the place of living to Graz. Accommodation will be provided (double room).

Main criteria

  • Entrepreneurs, company teams, student groups or project teams are eligible to apply. Candidates should be born on or after January 1,  1985;
  • Applicants should be currently living in one of the member states of the European Union, Council of Europe, or Union for the Mediterranean, Belarus or Kosovo;
  • Applicants will need to submit their digital projects including all mobile and web-based applications and interactive products. The digital project must be functional at the time of submission. It has to be at least in a prototype or beta-version stage.

Submissions will be evaluated based on design, functionality, interactivity, sustainability, economic potential, social impact, and social value.

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