European Immunization Training Workshop for Science Journalists


The World Federation of Science Journalists is announcing a two-and-a-half day European Immunization Training Workshop at the Brocher Foundation site on 14-16 October 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland. The deadline to apply is 21 June 2019.

Opportunity for Journalists

The aim of the training workshop is to provide factual information on the state of immunization and to increase journalism skills for accurate immunization science coverage in Europe. Training will cover many vaccination-related topics relevant to the European context such as basic vaccination science, the economy of vaccination, the science behind immunization strategies, vaccine hesitancy and social media polarization.

The programming of the workshop is designed and led by Daniela Ovadia and Alexandra Borissova, who are the leading science communicators in Italy and Russia. Up to 20 participants from Europe will be selected for attending the workshop. Travel expenses, accommodation, meals and workshop materials will be paid for.

Main criteria

  • The primary focus is on European junior science journalists or general beat journalists, occasionally covering science topics;
  • Anyone who actively writes, edits or produces science news, information or commentary for an independent media, is working as a staff member of such media or as a freelance journalist in Europe;
  • Organizers particularly welcome journalists from France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, and Romania. However, applications from all over Europe are accepted.

Journalists will be asked to upload a curriculum vitae and provide a statement of interest, current work situation job title, short description of your current journalistic work and/or communication duties

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