Estophilus Scholarships for International Students

International students are invited to apply for funding to support their research studies in Estonia. The scholarship will cover travel and living expenses as well as remunerate any research-related costs. Students should be in their final year of their BA, MA or PhD degree. The deadline is on 1 October 2020.

The scholarship is provided by the Education Agency, a department of Archimedes Foundation that supports the development and enhanced competitiveness of Estonian educational organisations, teachers, educational staff, pupils, students and other learners by opening them the opportunities of the Estonian, international and European Union programmes.

The purpose of Estophilus Scholarships is to support the studies and research of the international students and researchers interested in the Estonian language and culture in Estonia. When applying for sthe scholarship, the Estonian language proficiency is an advantage but not a requirement. The applicant must be the end-user of the scholarship. The board may grant a scholarship for up to five months, but BA students are provided with two months of funding maximum. The duration of one scholarship period can not be shorter than 30 days. The grantees have the opportunity to divide the scholarship period into two parts and conduct their studies in two different semesters if needed. The scholarship is intended to cover the living expenses, travel costs, tuition fees and research-related expenses.

The deadline is on 1 October 2020.


Main criteria

  • Candidates should provide a formal application, their research plan, CV, and proof of currently being enrolled in their final year as a BA student, MA or PhD student
  • Applicants should also provide a confirmation from an Estonian supervisor regarding the acceptance of the candidate and confirmation of their preparedness
  • The Estonian host must briefly describe the research topic and justify the importance of the research for Estonia

Find out more about Estophilus Scholarships. 

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