Escape Room Returns For Anticipated Sequel

After the success of the first instalment, The Escape Room is back for its second edition with plenty of plot twists to keep you guessing.

Minus’s quest to stay alive belongs to the secret organization of wealthy people who ordered the deaths of others. They adore watching people fight for their chance to live, to manipulate their past fears, traumas, mistakes and personal secrets. 

Six heroes from the last game unite in the Tournament of Champions for survival. Everyone has been a participant in such a quest in the past, and all of them pull through. This time they plunge into the memories of the first Escape Room

There, someone sold his life to the Minus Corporation to invent a new quest, and also someone is resurrected from the first part. But the main conclusion – the second part is not worse than the first, how it usually can be with the ongoing story. But can we expect a third instalment?


Breaking Out

From the first part, Escape Room, we knew the critical situations that forced participants to change. In the foregoing part was the girl who fought in the Iraq war, the guy who was poisoned by gas, and one more girl, Zoey Davis (Taylor Russell), who was involved in a plane crash. 

They overcame death and passed the qualifying round for the quest. There they competed to lose or save the most valuable thing – life.

The second story is a virtual reality with time travel from New York’s bustling square, pouring with acid rain, to the quiet seashore with quicksand. 

However, the creators of ​​the second film didn’t rely on the entourage and the picture. They took up the level of danger in the quest rooms. It led to the wild success of the first film that made the Escape Room groundbreaking. 


Returning Characters

With that taste of success, the direction team started filming the second part. This time, the main plotline belonged to the intrigues and unexpected resurrection of the `dead` participants. 

Not tending to make a spoiler, but still, Ben (Logan Miller), although drowned in the second part and Minus`s team took this hero out of the quest. From one sight, the viewer thought that Ben was dead but he is back. It seems that such a trick should give the audience an unexpected effect, but it is an attempt to destroy the interest in what would happen next. 

Well, look, there would be some interesting moments, some have the right perspective and add intrigue to the episodes. But doesn’t it seem that this idea of ​​bringing the characters back to life is a squeeze of all possible ways to keep the viewer? 

Meanwhile, it is clear that this is just one way to bring down the stereotypical model of this film, some condition of stable rule – someone would necessarily die. It turned to break all our expectations and the mood we’re still waiting for from the Escape Room. 

But simultaneously, they put us out of our comfort zone, saying: `Wait, you even couldn’t imagine how far we think of it. But the Escape Room is a one-topic directed film, so it’s complicated to overcome the expectation of billions of people and make a killing to enter with the same success as the third one.


Time For A Trilogy?

Given that the time difference between the first and second parts is almost two years, we could assume that the third is currently being advanced. 

The open finale, which left the story of Zoey and Ben unfinished, gives a slight hint that something will happen. 

And at the end of the first part of the final episode was a new task of a Minus quest – a plane crash, tested on a model. The second part ended with the same episode, with Zoe and Ben on board. 

So you can guess where the third story will start. Whatever it is, the directors, screenwriters and the whole team will have to work hard to create another idea of deadly quests more exciting than the last two.

Well, for now, you have time to watch the second part! It’s worth it!

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