Escape From Summer – Cool Weather In The Middle Of Summer


is in the southern hemisphere, therefore the winter lasts from June to August. Temperatures 7 – 18 °C.

Sydney, Australia

New Zealand

same as Australia, also New Zealand is in southern hemisphere, therefore the winter lasts from June to August. Temperatures 12 – 16 °C, but in the South Island the temperature can go down to -10°C.

Queenstown, New Zealand

South Africa

South Africa also experiences winter from June – August. While the temperatures can drop even below zero, usually it holds between 7 – 26°C.

Underberg, kwazulu Natal, South Africa


Iceland can offers not only a beautiful nature but also temperature of 10– 20  which eventually reaches 25 °C.

Town of Husavik, northern coast of Iceland


Uruguay has a winter seasson from June to August and temperatures vary from 7 – 18 °C.

Punta del Este, Uruguay


Greenland is one of the coldest places on our list with temperatures not usually exceeding much over 10° C. Nevertheless some higher temperatures have been recorded.

Town of Kangaamiut, West Greenland


Winter season is June – August. Temperatures during July in Argentina are in the North are around 16 °C and in the South around 14 °C.

Circuito Chico, San Carlos de Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina


Madagascar has a cooler season from May to October, with temperatures between 18°C to 22°C.

Bekopaka, Madagasca


While in North it is around 0 °C, South is much warmer up to 20 °C.

Baikal Lake, Eastern Siberia, Russia

Photos: Shutterstock

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