Dreamy Destinations Of Poitiers and La Rochelle, France

Whether you want to get lost in time or are on thrill seeking pursuits Poitiers and La Rochelle in France should be high on your list. Let us take you on a brief tour of both of these enchanting cities.

La Rochelle, France
A modern Futuroscope Theme Park near Poitiers
La Rochelle, France
Poitiers Futuroscope, Nouvelle Aquitaine, France
La Rochelle, France
Church Notre-Dame-La-Grande in Poitier
Central square of Poitiers with its attractions
Maubergeon tower of former Palace of Poitiers – the seat of the dukes of Aquitaine in Poitiers, France
Port of La Rochelle in France
Boats parked in the harbor of La Rochelle, France
Promenade in the old town of La Rochelle
The town hall of La Rochelle
Cathedral of St. Louis, La Rochelle, France

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