Don’t Mind the Whispers, Just Embrace Your Goldmine with Kimbra!

Journey to the center of your Earth! Vibrant liveliness and melancholy reflection guided by an emotional roller coaster of Indie Rock, the New Zealand-born songstress, Kimbra, embraces her inner voice in the 2014 album, The Golden Echo.

A person’s life can be filled with unconscious whispers. They illuminate the darkest part of our minds, only showing their faces when insecurities coat our fragile hearts. The whispers can sound loud, if one allows them to overpower the choices they give birth to. Through this dark expression, there is a purity that urges the listener to break that barrier.

Kimbra preaches of an inner echo richer than most, the faintest voice in your head telling you to be honest, to be free, and to form your own miraculous identity, which will yearn to be heard. The golden echo embodies those hardest decisions you make from your experience of life. To put your self-worth first. And through this urgent cry, the album desperately explains, that listening to that golden reverberation, can be the hardest thing to do. Kimbra takes us on a journey of self-virtue through the psychedelic volume in The Golden Echo.

The One who Holds the Gold

The New Zealand singer/songwriter melts her emotions in a gooey metaphorical substance of pop music with jazz ingredients, marinated with rhythm and blues and baked to perfection with saturated  1960s rock elements. The songbird is known for her approach to vocal interpretation and embodies the pop intelligence of Prince, with a touch of  ‘80s avant garde texture of Annie Lennox.

You may be familiar with her famous 55th Annual Grammy winning collaboration “Somebody that I Used to Know” by Gotye. The Record of the Year catapulted her to  Indie  Rock fame, as she embraced an edgy splash of energy  in her debut album, VOWS, released 29 August, 2011.

Indie Rock is a genre of rock music that is at first equivalent to alternative rock. With its guitar pop rock influence,  Indie  Rock created a style within its own, creating sub genres such as lo-fi, noise pop, and math rock. Diverse styles of artists have adapted the genre including punk, psychedelia, and country. Kimbra embraces the  Indie  Rock approach, while showering listeners with various music implications. Kimbra continues to share her voice internationally in small venues in cities such as Prague, Berlin and London.


The Golden Echo Journey

The Golden Echo album falls down the rabbit hole of intricate pop music as the project is assembled in a similar Alice in Wonderland paradox. The tracks practically spill into each other, as it flows into a quest to self mecca. But this illusion fits the whole narrative of the unknown. The seeking to tap into fulfilling, everlasting self-happiness.

Have you ever felt that feeling of true love? The tension is breakable, as you smile from the inside out. The feeling of your heart frying in the warmth of intensity. The worries of your life begin to hibernate, as you begin to crave the embrace of another. Your hands grow tense and sweat as you linger on every word, getting astray in the moment. That feeling of wanting your lips upon another so badly that your heart ceases to  keep its consistent rhythm. The butterflies cling onto your lungs as breathing becomes heavy, and the moment of impact conquers your entire mind.

If I cannot stop, there is going to be no coming back


This phrase lingers in an ambience of teenage love in the track “Teen Heat” . This first track takes you on an overwhelming ride, from the stillness of love to the immense fondness of love. This track sets the tone for the roller coaster of emotions the album reproduces.


I’ve got a gold mine, it’s all mine. Nobody can touch this gold of mine, sweep through the brimstone, peek through the fire, nobody can touch this gold of mine”. We enter a cave mine of sounds and dark energy, as the album comes to the point of collision with reality. Kimbra finally makes the listeners face those dark whispers, as they  begin to embrace their inner  selves.

The realization is not a happy one, but an understanding of one’s vicious strength. And through this desire to let go of judgment and self-doubt, Kimbra reminds us of our individuality.


The Golden Listener

Listening to this album for years, I have found that its music speaks volumes for tapping into the subconscious. This album allows you to dance like you have never danced before, while crying sorrowful tears of self-loathing. Mentally preparing myself for the album with a coloring book and a box of tissues, I continuously walk the expedition of sentiment.

For this notion, I would grade the album a strong 9 out of 10. Some may find that the album is a bit chaotic and all over the place. Being that the songs bleed together, the album can almost give you a vertigo sensation that could be unappealing to a vast majority. But for hard core, emotional, intense individuals who desperately need a pop fairy godmother to make them realize their full potential, Kimbra is a beacon of hope.

The album is best enjoyed individually. From enjoying a lazy walk in the park on a foggy day, to sprouting your flower of creativity through illustration or writing, this album can comfort you in times of solitude. This album gives a whole new meaning to a solid pop album. And through Kimbra’s efforts at exposing the truth of dissecting self-love, this album will span the dawn of time.

Check out Kimbra’s The Golden Echo NOW!

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