Documentary Weekend – Films About Nature

Many of us are working from our homes nowadays and one of the major sources of pleasure is the television. For this weekend, we have picked three excellent documentaries for you. All of them take you on a journey across the globe and show you, sights you’ve probably never seen.

Night on Earth

The magic that takes place on our planet never ceases to amaze. This mini documentary series will take you from the oceans to the animals, the jungles and much more. Every moment is worth watching.

Our Planet

The more we get to see of our planet the more we are impressed, astonished and sometimes alarmed. At the same time watching such an exceptional documentary brings to light our own desires to protect our Earth. Highly recommended.


This is another documentary that will make you want to establish a greater closeness with our planet. The film seeks out to probe so many aspects of the Earth and succeeds in keeping you glued to your television right throughout.

Photo: IMDB

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