Do Young People Get Better Treatment at Work? “Not at All,” Says Expert

Work places change and evolve with each new generation. So does that mean that younger people get better treatment that older employees? Not necessarily.

Employers do provide an easy mobile access to work files, encouraging social media interactions with the company, highlighting charitable initiatives, and giving consistent employee feedback, but that doesn’t mean they favour their younger employees.

“With the adoption of technology, employers continue to move forward”, said Kirk Baumann, vice president of career services at Enactus, an entrepreneurial community of student, academic and business leaders. “Millennials are tied to their smartphones and have always had the internet. The nine-to-five job is starting to shift, millennials may have flex time and the option to work wherever they want.”

When it comes to multigenerational staff the best thing you can do is implement policies and tech tools that make everyone feel included.

“The best workplaces are adapting to the arrival of millennials with new practices and programs, but are doing so in ways that benefit employees of all ages,” said China Gorman, chief executive of HR consulting, research and training firm Great Place to Work. “Policies that take into account millennials’ interests should be available to everyone.”

According to Gorman all employees must be guided no matter they age as they all appreciate it. Integration is important as it can help all employees feel like they are a part of the same team.

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