Do You Have A Toxic Working Environment?

More often than we think, we end up working in a toxic working environment. We provide you with some hints on figuring out if your workplace is also made of such toxicity.

Work is what keeps us going and what makes individuals integral parts of society. We wake up and go to work, to spend the day with the same people at least eight hours a day. 

If you sum up the time we spend together with our co-workers and bosses, it is no wonder that they will impact our mood, our personality and our aspirations. 

We are all more or less looking for meaning, in the work we do every day. 

Given the unequal situation in which the world is, with some people more privileged than others, some of us work purely for the money. And there’s nothing to be ashamed of in that either. 

The taboo of being expected to not mention your expected salary which corresponds perfectly well with your skills and qualifications, is a way of capitalist exploitation. 

But not just this, there are many ways in which you tell when your workplace wants you to be productive, all by treating you in a toxic, disrespectful way. Here are a few I  have highlighted.


No Credit, No Recognition

And I’m talking all sorts of recognition, whether that be financial, moral or stimulating in terms of promotion and chances to continue developing your skills. 

If your workplace – bosses and colleges underestimate your efforts, don’t every thank you or give you credit for a task completed, chances are they’re purposely trying to keep you in a ‘status-quo’, hoping your confidence won’t be boosted itself. 

Because that would mean you know your worth way too good, and you’ll soon re-consider the toxic working environment (if you’re lucky enough to switch to a better one, whenever you like).


Big Deals

Out of 99 things you did great throughout the year, if there was one thing that you did wrong, the slightest mistake, your management team will keep track of that exact thing and mention it to you so you feel bad about yourself. 

This is pure toxicity, as they will also try to bully you with it, dramatizing and probably saying that the mistake was highly significant, when in fact, you probably just forgot to add one more slide to that pitch presentation. 

No biggie right? As it should be!


No Promotion

Sometimes we just know that we’re thriving, despite the fact that we’re not receiving positive feedback.

But the not receiving feedback is some sort of an indicator. If you’ve been working in the same place for a few years now, showing major results and kicking off the tasks you’ve been giving – and you’re still stuck in the same position, chances are that your employees do not want to value your contribution, in the way they should.

Not getting promoted is a sign that your work place does not appreciate the continuous results you’ve been showing, so if you can, you should probably start looking for other employees that will.


Deaf Ears

I mean, as tough as it is sometimes, everywhere we work we have to have our own voice. And depending also on just how ambitious you are, I’m sure you also want your voice to be heard.

 You have ideas, thoughts, and you’re a great adviser – yet, none of your ideas are ever accepted or you are never given the opportunity to speak up. This way of ‘managing people’ is highly inappropriate. 

The scenario is that usually the management team takes all the decisions, and leaves room for no refreshment and new ideas. 

Although most of these companies are not aware, their narrowed down mind-set does reflect and they become dull sooner or later. 

It is important to realize when and how your ideas are being treated. 

Experiences with employees do shape your working style, and if you remain in the same, toxic place for too long, your creativity might just lose its way of getting in touch with you. 

So stay aware, seek for appreciation, at all times!


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