Do We Have More Than Five Senses?

For centuries we have believed that we have just five senses. But is it time that we rethink as science continues to evolve?

For centuries a vast population swore by religion. Whilst most organised religions are taking a backseat in a good part of the developed world and atheism is growing, all is still very well for the preachers who are able to spread their word in the less developed parts of the globe. So superstitions do prevail among the vast majority of the population.

However, irrespective of this, most now swear by science even though we, including the scientists, know very little about it. 

And science appears to have become the new religion. This is not to put down the scientists who do dedicated work, come up with results to their research but unfortunately the conclusions they arrive at often get disproved by other scientists as time passes. 

As for the spiritualists, they have followed their individual practice for millenia and do not attribute spirituality to any religion nor do they preach or go about trying to purify human souls. 

The spiritualists have believed in energies that emanate from within ourselves, the Earth and the universe. 

They believe in parallel universes and much more and that there are more than just the 5 senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell we are taught about. The spiritualists call these the higher senses. 


Into The Light

As for parallel universes, scientists are now in agreement there is actually such a thing and have also started claiming to have seen light beyond the black hole.

In this article, we’ll explore the areas where science, at long last, agrees with the spiritualists on the existence of more than 5 senses.

We spoke about the energies that emanate from within us. Most spiritualists believe they can heal themselves. Now, as a matter of research neuroscience has begun talking about more than the five senses and have coined the word “introception” which delves into the signals that emanate from within our body. 

They have begun to cover areas such as, “The emerging science of introception: sensing, integrating, interpreting, and regulating signals within the self.”, “Neural circuits of introception.”, “Functions of introception: from energy regulation to experience of the self.” and “Computational models of introception and body regulation.”

More papers keep coming out each month on the subject of introception from many of the famed neuroscientists. 

Based on reports that are emerging from the medical media, introception has become a major research field to address various diseases via energy regulation.

As for the major media channels, over the last couple of weeks they have come alive with news reports on the possibility of there being more than five senses. All this with specific reference to, introception.


External Energy

Talking about external energies, the magnetic energies of the earth, according to spiritualists, contribute a great deal to our well being or ill being, including health and material wealth. 

Which is how the ancient studies of Vastu and Feng Shui are used for the correction of energies in our dwellings and places of work. It has long been recognised that animals feel these energies and not just for navigation, by the scientific community.

According to this recent paper, “Now, research suggests that some people do indeed perceive magnetic fields, albeit unconsciously. In response to a changing magnetic field, so-called alpha brainwaves, the background ‘hum’ of the brain, quieted in human volunteers, scientists reported yesterday (March 18) in eNeuro.” 

One of the researchers from a highly reputed university used the words “freaking out” for the brain, upon the realisation that the magnetic energy had moved and the body didn’t. So it looks like one more area of science and spirituality meet so far as senses are concerned.


Mind Over Matter

As for Extra Sensory Perception or telepathy, commonly known as ESP, many experiments have been conducted by scores of researchers to establish that it actually does exist. The most common form of this being, we are thinking of someone and the person calling.

Now this paper goes fairly deep into the subject and says, “Which means science is broken”. among other things.

Don’t know about brokenness but let’s just say it’s spirituality and science coming together on some issues, most especially that there are more than just the basic five senses.

Could emotional intelligence be listed a sense? What do you think?

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