Dior and Chanel are Changing the Fashion Film Genre

Two huge perfume brands that have become a hallmark of success, but now Dior and Chanel are targeting the fim industry too.

For the last several years, cinematography has widened its borders to the fashion film genre. So, Keira Knightley casts for Chanel and Dior co-operated with the newest Pinocchio director, Matteo Garrone.

Even Chanel’s history was re-activated in a documentary by Karl Lagerfeld. Why the quality of advertisement get rising? It’s a good chance to improve the selling technique with a story.

Christian Dior’s latest campaign for the winter is up to 10 minutes of fascinating scenery and beautiful actors in mysterious roles. The first thing that captures you is the general ambience – fantasy forest, lake, valley.

Mermaids, nymphs, statue, shell-women and natural spirits intertwined with the harmony of the fauna and flora, some invisible world we used to know from the books. The particular place belongs to the idea of recreation of the old fashion tool to show the collection.

Many years ago designers used to travel with a miniature wardrobe to choose their attire. In post-war times it became one of the rare possibilities to save the fashion among society. The line where two porters transport the dresses to fantasy creatures reflects the classic, historical technique that rooted in history.

Dior’s creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, made the collection and by far the advertisement for The Myth involving actors and models.

Thus, for example, Faune was played by Michael Schermi from the Medici series. The ideas represent the surrealist images, mystery and magic that hide the prediction about the future, as Maria Grazia Chiuri reported to Harper’s Bazaar.



In Christian Dior’s campaign, an iconic actors such as Marion Cotillard starring together with Ian McKellen for the Lady Dior handbag.

It was an outstanding attempt to appear in the fatal role of groundbreaking women, that each man dares to see. As well as Dior’s pieces are desirable to have by women. This project, led by John Galliano, directed by John Cameron Mitchell, became the accomplished film called Lady Grey London.

Even though Dior makes noise with its new campaign, Chanel was the first who start filming significant episodes about the Chanel establishment. The protagonist of the founder of Gabrielle Chanel, played by Keira Knightley, firstly has appeared in promo Once upon a time…

where slides of the future famous brand emerged.

Black and white, almost 20 minutes long, was created by Karl Lagerfeld – the start of a line for several other films The Return and The Tale of a Fairy.


The Return

The Return is a story of fashion reboot, after a long-term pause. The story reflects perfectly a frequency of peculiarities that Gabrielle Chanel met in the middle of her career. That power she took out from the depth of her soul to influence the iconic story for high fashion standards. The kind of models that the world would never accept for actual outfits. People of Haute society didn’t loyal to innovative silhouettes.

Gabrielle tended to change the fashion, made the rage variety of collection never look like something previous. Only the American media supports the looks that define the rebirth of Chanel’s style. But she had never betrayed her gut feeling and reached the peak of her scene as the founder of elegance but at the same time revolutionise the generally accepted trends.

By the way, fashion film festivals start rising in success to be attended by many youth talented directors, screenplay writers, creative designers and influencers. It gets the beginning of the collaboration with styles, directions in the contemporary arts.

Experiments to develop this field cultivate the special studies in visuals – in the leading culture cities like London or Paris universities provides the Master or Bachelor courses.

Which kind of advertisement growth should be expected in the future? Only if it divides into the different genres and set the separate block for Oscar awards. Who knows?

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