Dinner For Four For Under 4 Euros – Chicken Legs

Cooking on a very low budget can be a struggle. Nevertheless, once thought through carefully, it is not only doable but also inspiring. The important factors for planning are of course the seasonality of the chosen foods. Now it’s autumn in Europe so let´s see what can be done.

Autumn is a season for much lower prices of potatoes, onions, and many other vegetables that have been just harvested.

While preparing the recipes, and to keep it really genuine, I took into account the prices of today. Wherever possible I have calculated the cheapest prices I have found, that includes the goods on discount (not expired though!).

One hour of baking depends on the type of appliance and the energy provider. The average energy consumption (per hour at 200 ° C) is about 0.87-0.90 kWh. 1 kWH cost appx EUR 0,16. .With a hot air oven, thanks to air circulation, baking will be effective at 180 ° C and therefore energy efficient. Energy consumption will drop to 0.79 kWh and the savings will be around 10%.

Chicken Legs baked with potatoes in an Aluminium Foil

Ingredients like salt, sugar, pepper, cumin etc. are usually found at home and used in small quantities. Thus, it would be unnecessary to be accounted for.

Aluminium Foil keeps the juices inside

Ingredients for four

  • 4 chicken legs (current price 1 kg EUR 2,3) 1 leg is approx. 230 – 250 g
  • 8 potatoes – 1 potatoes cca 50 – 60 g that would mean buying approx 1/2 kg of potatoes. (current price of 1kg of potatoes is EUR 0,5) For 1/2 kg it would be EUR 0,25
  • 2 onions (current price per 1 kg EUR 0,4) 2 onions are approx. 150g = EUR 0,06
  • 2 packs of cream of 12% fat (current price per 1 cream is EUR 0,55) For 2 packs of cream it would be EUR 1,1
  • salt
  • pepper
  • Herbs such as parsley or rosemary if grown in the garden for example (optional)
  • Few drops of oil
    Aluminium foil – 4 sheets
    Electricity consumption for an hour with the temperature at 180 degrees C – cca EUR 0,16.

Take 4 soup plates and on each place the aluminium sheet (size large enough to accommodate a chicken leg, 2 potatoes, onion and half a pack of cream). The soup bowl helps to keep the liquid from spilling out. Put a few drops of oil on each foil, place on each one sliced potato, salt and pepper to taste, then comes one leg each, another sliced potato, sliced onion distributed among all four plates, add salt and pepper again and finally the cream. Now you can also use the herbs. Wrap the foil carefully while not tearing it and place on a tray. Place it into a preheated oven and bake for an hour. (The same dish tastes phenomenal when prepared on a charcoal grill – in this case you can also take out the chicken when almost done and make the skin crisp directly on the grill.


By just adding a spice or two and garlic you get a differently tasting dish

Price List

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