Determination is the Driving Force to Success


Targeting success in many forms is only human. Being best at this or that… The movie characters of today´s movie picks – based on true stories – lead them to success through their boldness. Hope you enjoy them as we did.

Determination is the real key of the success
From the movie Dolomite is my name

Walt Before Mickey

Walt Disney is a name that doesn’t need to be introduced to many. But it wasn’t always like this and the beginnings of the famous entrepreneur were not met with immediate acknowledgment. The film offers an inside view into his life before he became famous for his Mickey mouse, and many other characters to follow.


Dolomite is my name

A new film from production the of Netflix depicts an extraordinary life story of Rudy Ray Moore who created his alter ego Dolomite. To capture the character and his success requires more than these few lines because it is something unexplainable. What should be mentioned here is the dazzling performance of Eddie Murphy in the role of Dolomite who enters your living room energetic as dynamite and all you wish him is a breakthrough.

Sample of the original film


Cool Runnings

Our last film on the list is also difficult to believe. Four Jamaican sprinters decide out of pure desperation to join the Olympic games in a rather unexpected category – bobsleigh. Knowing nothing about the sport nor having the right weather conditions – their courrage combined with a jovial approach was at the end the right equipment.

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Photo: IMDB

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