Despite Crisis Young Russians are Happy with Their Lives

Almost three quarters (78%) of the Russian citizens feel happy with their lives, according to a survey conducted by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) in the end of 2014.

Young people between 18 and 24 years of age – undergraduate and graduate students –were traditionally positive about their lives (88% and 86%). Among the older generation and the people with lower education the percentage of those satisfied with their being was lower: 64% and 61%.

The happiness index was calculated as the difference between positive and negative answers to the question of “Are you happy or not?” and in 2014 has reached a 25-year maximum. The index reached 64 points in total in April (with 100 being the maximum value of the index and -100 the minimum); however, it has lowered to 59 points in December.

For one in every three respondents, the feeling of happiness is associated with the family well-being (30% of respondents). 17% of those who felt happy admitted that they reach happiness through communication with children and grandchildren.

Having an interesting work or studying an exciting subject also proved to be an important factor for the feeling of happiness, and 13% of respondents stated this to be the main reason for their satisfaction in life.

Good health also brings people happiness, as stated by 11% of respondents. Other factors included the simple joy of life (7%), love, opportunities for self-fulfillment, material well-being, having a “roof over the head”, living in a peaceful time, and absence of the reasons for sadness (4%).

About 45% of the respondents stated that they are surrounded with mostly happy people.

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