David Lynch Returns With New Series After Twin Peaks Success

After the incredible success of Twin Peaks, we look at David Lynch and his new project whilst revisiting his last iconic series.

Fresh out of the oven, David Lynch is going to produce an utterly new project this May. 

The announcement spread all over the film world last summer, and voilà – production, as planned, must be on the way. 

As Welcome to Twin Peaks reports some episodes will be set on Calvert Studios (a multi-space stage, Twin Peaks, Sinister 2, Insidious 3, Beverly Hills 90210 and many others filmed there). 

Wisteria is the working title of the series, where David Lynch will appear as director and screenplay writer. 

Moreover, it is also mentioned that the project contains 13 episodes of mystery in pure David Lynch style. 


Twin Peaks

Most of the team there also cooperated with Lynch in the previous projects, like Twin Peaks

For a long while, this series is still in demand. After making the third part, David returns Agent Cooper to the deathless question: Who killed Laura Palmer?

 And finally to this aesthetically onscreen piece of work, that many years ago was iconic for thrillers mixed with sarcastic quotes. 

Lynch used to grow the prominent intertwined storylines, spiced with love, forbidden intimacy, drugs and alcohol. 

Twin Peaks is that story that people associate with a saturated, outstanding series. For decades, it is still like this. 

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Hit Series: Welcome to Twin Peaks

I offer you to re-watch the seasons to remember or, maybe, know how Lynch is famous for the series. In other words, to recall his technique. It’s spectacular. 

In the very first season of 1990, shockingly, it was almost 20 years ago, in a small foggy town, Twin Peaks, on the rocks in Washington, strangers found a murdered body of a young woman called Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee)

She may be a simple school girl but her death has an enormous number of hidden intrigues and interrupts the trivial life of the town. FBI agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) goes there to find the person guilty. 


Lynch’s Lowdown

Lynch set the whole crime story on a small territory. He placed the brothel on a Canadian border, where young girls worked illegally. He allowed teenagers to sell the drugs, being in touch with local mobs. 

As dark truths are uncovered, Mr Cooper falls in love with Laura’s classmate Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn). 

At the same time, Agent Cooper’s mind drifts, trying to retell his dreams and visions. It would not be a Lynch style as if he hasn’t put the psycho before the rational. 

That’s why Mr Cooper always reported to some digital assistant we never heard back from. 

And sometimes he sees Laura in his dreams, older in years, giving him a hint of who could be her murderer. It’s not the case of a unique story when a weird detective progresses the investigation with his strange abilities to accept the evidence from informal sources, like dreams. 


On The Rise

Several decades ago, this show rose to popularity with this handsome Cooper, his strange personality, a bit of forbidden intimacy with youth and other little arguments completed by David Lynch. 

He is fond of turning the typical plot into psychological travel rather than a simple story flow. 

Maybe that is a successful recipe, but personally, Twin Peaks is one of the most involving series of the last two decades. 

Without any visual effects (VFX) and computer effects, this man-made, ticklish story of life at the edge of giant countries. 

All this mystery of the small towns and villages, that exists in a routine like everyone knows about everyone, without exaggerating describes all possible endings of the story. 

So no one is disappointed when the old local woman with a log instead of her baby reveals the key facts of that bloody night. 

After all, he left the question open, leavening agent Cooper faced the real killer and the muzzle at the breastbone. 

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