Czech Cinema After 2010

Today we visit the Czech film industry after the first decade of new millennium. What is striking is that three of four series we have listed are dedicated to historical events during different decades of communism. The last one doesn't stand out only due to its topic but also by form - an extraordinary miniseries from HBO. We hope you will find them all very engaging.


Ve stínu (In the Shadow)

An outstanding and a thrilling crime story with an overlap of the political events of the fifties in former Czechoslovakia. A case of burglary that is being investigated by Captain Hakl turns into a political case after some of the behind-the-scenes events are exposed.

Občanský průkaz (Identity Card)

A sardonic comedy set in 70s in the former Czechoslovakia follows a group of four friends who stand on the threshold of adulthood that is absurdly exaggerated when they receive their first ID. How to survive the growing up years, and not to lose your wits and humour under the bizarre regime and not become part of it is what follows.

Fair Play

The film brings us back to the 1980s in the former Czechoslovakia. Young sprinter Anna and her mother are hoping she would qualify for the Olympic Games. Anna´s mother wishes for her daughter to use an opportunity to emigrate. To achieve an exceptional results Anna is being given steroids by the committee without her knowledge.


Pustina (Wasteland)

The last TV tip is a remarkable and a dramatic miniseries by HBO. In the main part of the story stands the event of a missing 14 years old daughter of the Mayor of a small town called Pustina located on the border between the Czech Republic and Poland. It’s a town that is of major interest to a coal mining company for its enormous coal deposits. The people get divided into two camps. Those who would prefer to leave their homes after getting a compensation and those who would rather fight for their homes. The event of the missing girl creates further disturbances since anybody can be responsible for her disappearance and many could have a motive.It is worth mentioning that the visual part of the film was likely inspired by Northern Cinematography, creating a hopeless and an almost sickening atmosphere. Particularly interesting is also the carefully built crime drama that is not obvious at all and builds on the viewers interest with each passing episode.

Photo: IMDB

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