Couple Goals: Entrepreneur Success in Pirojpur District, Bangladesh

From the Pirojpur District, G.M Adol and Serajum Munira have used their marriage to create entrepreneur success in Bangladesh.

From the Pirojpur District, G.M Adol and Serajum Munira have used their marriage to create entrepreneur success in Bangladesh. Here, we tell their story of how they have they created a product that spread right across the country. 

G.Ml graduated from Dhaka International University with a law degree and Serajum, herself, completed her course at the University of Barisal with a degree in public administration. 

After this, they set their sights on building an initiative in their own image, rather than settling for traditional jobs, through, helping bring non-uniform products to their district. 


Making Waves

They said: “After completing secondary and higher education, we started to go to university.

“Our friends would ask us where our district was, we told them, but they didn’t recognize it at once correctly.

“From then we had a dream to introduce our district to everyone.” 

G.M continued: “I thought I would take an initiative within my district where everyone will know Pirojpur district by one name.”

After marrying, the couple admitted to struggling, joining two separate private companies. 

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Catch Of The Day: Pirojpur District is known for its fishing industry

But, like many people across the world, they lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Through these hardships, their entrepreneurial company took shape. They sought to share stories from their district, and it wasn’t long before they started seeing results. 

They explained: “The good responses started to come in. In this case many close friends came forward. Maybe it is because of them that the wheel of our destiny has turned today.”


Wheels Start Turning

Telling Youth Time about the activities of they said: “Pirojpur is a fisheries and agriculture dependent district.

“Farmers are producing different types of crops here. Amongst them are Malta and Kalojira rice are best.

“Pirojpur is called the golden land of Malta. A product even recognised by the district government in Malta.

As well as this Pirojpur is a river-washed district – these canals are scattered around like a net. 

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Delivering The Goods: The couple have now delivered their products to 34 of Bangladesh’s 64 districts

Because of this, the citizens have used this to their advantage, developing their livelihoods around the rivers, which has created a large fishing community. 

Whilst some catch these fish, others are drying them, which has created ‘dry’ villages. All of these products, intricacies and communities have been pivotal to G.M’s and Serajum’s new enterprise.

Also linked to them, is the Shitalpati industry, which has been around for centuries. These sweet items are an integral part of Bengali entertainment, any events are not complete without them. 


Marketing Pirojpur District

For all of these products, the couple are doing their best to market their community. 

They explained: “The organic, fragrant Kalojira rice, organic malta and dried fruits produced by the farmers of this region, including the famous Rasgolla of this region, are being marketed directly to the consumers in different parts of the country.

“As a result, farmers in the region are getting a fair price for their produce and ordinary consumers in different parts of the country are able to buy without adulterated products with their hard-earned money.”


From Extinction To Success

Some industries including Shitalpati of this district are on the verge of extinction. 

This is where comes in, as G.M and Serajum explain. 

“We are constantly working to revive these industries and ensure their employment.

Now Amarpirojpur has the famous Shitalpati of Pirojpur district on their site, so we can help them.”

In the last year, they have already been able to deliver products to people in more than 34 of the country’s 64 districts.  

Day by day, is moving forward  with people’s trust and confidence. And now the brand name is known to many.

To take their company forward,, are working as partners of BSIC of Pirojpur District, Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA), ESDP and many others more.

The entrepreneurs of this initiative dream of creating employment for hundreds of unemployed youth in the district through They also hope that they can create one of the biggest and best e-commerce companies in Bangladesh and eventually take their district from obscurity to become a household name all over the world. 

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