Confusion In Names – Where Am I?

Sydney, Australia  and Sydney, Canada 

Sydney, Australia / Photo: Martina Advaney

Sydney port in Nova Scotia, Canada / Photo: Shutterstock

Paris, France and  Paris, Texas 

Paris is a little more confusing because of the presence of the most iconic Eiffel Tower, in Paris. France and in Paris, Texas.

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France / Photo: Flickr – Y Nakanishi 

Eiffel Tower in Paris, Texas / Photo: Flickr – Nancy <I’m gonna SNAP!

Waterloo, Belgium and  Waterloo, Canada

Lion’s Mound, Waterloo Memorial, Belgium / Photo: Shutterstock

Waterloo Ontario Canada / Photo: Shutterstock

Lebanon country and Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA

Ruins of Baalbek, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon / Photo: Shutterstock

Lebanon, USA / Photo: Flickr – Doug Kerr

Memphis, Egypt and Memphis, Tennessee

Pyramid of Djoser, near the ancient city Memphis, Egypt / Photo: Flickr – Cale Woodley 

Memphis, Tennessee / Photo: Shutterstock

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