Communication volunteer on Marine Conservation Project-WWF Adria


WWF has an opening through its Youth Volunteer Internship Programme for an international volunteer/intern with the WWF Adria office. Deadline to apply is March 5th.

WWF Adria is established as a strong WWF network presence in the Western Balkans, a key conservation actor rooted in societies across the eight countries of the region, able to catalyze a wide range of partnerships and alliances towards delivering critical contributions to WWF Global Goals. In the operational sense WWF Adria is a part of the WWF Mediterranean Programme whose mission is conservation and sustainable management of forests, marine and freshwater ecosystems, and protected areas in the Mediterranean region. The main goal of WWF Adria is protection of the natural environment, biodiversity and ecological processes in the Dinaric Arc area.
Major Functions: Assist to WWF Adria Marine Programme in field implementation of projects (Transforming Small Scale Fisheries in the Mediterranean, FishMPABlue2, DestiMED) in Telascica and Lastovo Islands marine protected areas (MPAs). Provide support to MPA management institutions in building open and constructive dialogue towards visitors and stakeholders.

Main criteria

  • Preferably Master’s degree in communications, public relations, marketing or related field.
  • Technical proficiency in the field of public relations or communication related field.
  • Experience or knowledge in the field of sustainable tourism is a plus.
  • Experience of dealing with a local people in a sensitive and effective way is a plus.
  • Understanding of linkages between conservation and human well-being, linkages between conservation and development and complex relationship between natural resource and human society is a plus.
  • Strong written communication.
  • Ability to work in a team and motivate stakeholders.

In order to apply, please complete the online Application Form.

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