Common Sleeping Mistakes


Insomnia is a difficult and serious illness . . . on the other hand, it is only three nights to the weekend. This is funny only to those who do not have to deal with sleepless nights. Is it possible that you suffer with insomnia because of common mistakes? Which are those? Find out for yourself.

Apart from ubiquitous caffeine, with effects everyone knows about, but which few people want to believe and some even claim is exactly the opposite, and even fewer manage the situation the way they know they should.

Another bad and quite useless habit is catching up on sleep

Drinking alcohol just before turning in might also cause trouble with falling a sleep. It is wiser to have a camomile, mint, or lemon balm tea instead. 

If you have your cat or dog in your bedroom, it is very likely your sleep will be disturbed. The needs of your pets are different from yours, cats for example are particularly night hunters and therefore are most active at night. 

If you are under constant stress, this can further lead to problems with insomnia. 

So it is also with devices, like computers, smart phones, iPads or TVs. Your bedroom should be free of all kinds of electronics. 

Photos: Shutterstock / Collage: Martina Advaney

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